FinishTime Lite

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Freeware display using time, for rent, attendance time, by session.

Can use for solarium, private rooms, pointing of the presence, renting time... Perfect for manage using time of post, computers, pour WebPhone, cyber-cafe, gaming...
Easy to use, end of use pencil and gum !

Very easy to use : just have to select row, and after just 'Play' 'Pause' 'Stop' ou 'Delete'.
Automatically display price.

Easy and effective, immediately fonctionnal.

To note:
- Possibility to see recent history.
- FinishTimeLite is a freeware : dont have to pay for use.
- Just need to register (free, gratis).
- Can use on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP et NT.
- Dont need more than one computer for use.
- Quick with many shorcuts (dont need mouse for use, and can use to without keyboard).

Download 'FinishTime Lite'