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Intra-Messenger Create your own Instant Messenger community with IntraMessenger.

Server in PHP/MySQL (opensource), can use on local network (lan) and internet to.
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    Extern authentication possibility : add an instant messenger to a forum, CMS, ECM, ERP, CRM, DMS...
You already have a forum, CMS, ECM, CRM, ERP (or other) and want to add a instant messenger ? It's your lucky day !
IntraMessenger is autonomous, but authentication (login + password) is possible from another existing database like :
Usage diagrams
Forums (Bulletin Board)phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, AEF Board, Burning Board, Connectix-Boards, FluxBB, FUDforum, IP-Board,
miniBB, MyBB, Phorum, PunBB, UCenter (Discuz!), Vanilla, XMB-Forum
CMS / ECM / BlogJoomla, Dotclear, Drupal, eZ Publish, PHPNuke, WordPress, Concrete5, Xoops,
Artiphp, b2evolution, Bitweaver, CMS-Made-Simple, e107, Geeklog, ImpressCMS,
Mambo, MODx, Nucleus, Nuked-Klan, PHPBoost, PHP-Fusion, Pligg, pragmaMx, SPIP, Sharetronix,
Textpattern, Typo3, Contao, YACS, WebsiteBaker, Textcube
Project management and collaboration
Achievo, activeCollab, Agora-Project, Collabtive, Docebo, dotProject, eGroupWare, Group-Office,
OBM, Feng Office, Ovidentia, phpBMS, phpCollab, phpGroupWare, PHProjekt, ProjectPier,
SimpleGroupware, Streber, TaskFreak, TikiWiki, todoyu, Toutateam, web2Project, WebCollab, Admidio
ERP and/or CRMDolibarr, epesi-BIM, FrontAccounting, SugarCRM, Textcube, Tine, vtigerCRM, webERP
Shared calendar/diaryPhenix, VCalendar, WebCalendar
E-LearningClaroline, Dokeos, GEPI, Lodel, Moodle, Prométhée, Triade
Knowledgebase Owl, 68KB, OneOrZero AIMS, phpMyFAQ (knowledgebase)
Help desk / CRMTrellis Desk, HESK, osTicket, SiT!
Bug trackingIssueManager,
MantisBT, The Bug Genie, WebIssues
e-CommerceCS-Cart, LiveCart, Magento, TomatoCart, osCommerce, osCMax, Prestashop, ZenCart
Social networkingDolphin, Elgg, Mahara, PHPDug, phpFoX, PHPizabi, SocialEngine
NEW (, ATutor, BeWelcome, Zikula
Open-Realty, Coppermine Photo Gallery (cpg), Help Center Live, phpwcms, eTraxis, Friendika, Bonfire
Perfect for admin forum/CMS/ERP want to add an instant messenger, without have to manage accounts.
Users adding is automatic at their first connect or (according the admin parameters) after admin manual accepting.
Contrary to an integrated chat, it's useless to be connected to the website by your navigator to be able to discuss with your contacts !
Extern authentication documentation how to setup include in server.

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    Technical description (what makes IntraMessenger so unique)
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    Before use, you must have a web server with PHP and MySQL, or you need to install it
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    To note
- IntraMessenger is a freeware : no limitation for personal or commercial use.
- IntraMessenger Server (version 2.0) is licensed under the GPL .
- Can use on USB key (dont need U3) : donwload zip version.
- MSI packaging is available (for domain or WSUS servers).
- Compatible with proxy server.
- To test many instances of IntraMessenger on one computer, create a file 'options.ini' in install directory.
- Multilanguage user interface to use IntraMessenger in your native language.
- Share your ideas on the official forums.

    Need help for translate to other languages
Need your help to translate this software in other language.
If you can help, thanks to loot at :
Thanks to :
- Francesco de Marpillero (& Fabian & Marco) for italian translation
- Reuel Verissimo for portugues (brazilian)
- Maicon Fernando Abreu for portuguese (server) translation
- Christian Hoffmeister (server), Timo and Sven Beutler for german translation (client)
- Sami6sto ( for finish (suomi) translation (client)
- David Abuin Fontan for spanish translation
- Cosmin Negut ( for romanian translation
- Recep Top for turkish translation
- Benny Lloyd Willner swedish translation (client)
- Slobodan Marinkov for serbian translation (client)

    Download version (1.31G)
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    Other informations
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